You gain weight because of your personality

Fluctuations in the body weight , and more specifically a weight gain , is related to certain changes in personality traits, researchers from the College of Medicine, Florida State University.

According to this research, published in the journal Psychological Science, people who present a weight gain are more likely to yield to the cravings ; however, they are also more reflective and aware of their actions, as part of the changes in their personality.

After applying some tests to around 2 thousand people, in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the specialists observed that after an increase of 10% of the body weight, some participants showed greater impulsivity, which shows a close relationship between physiological and psychological changes.

In this way, they also observed that this type of (impulsive) people tend to eat more at parties; some others are more likely to suffer from health problems, such as heart diseases . Meanwhile, those who are more aware, are also able to maintain a exercise routine .

The inability to control cravings it can reinforce a vicious circle that weakens the muscle of self-control (in the brain). In addition, depending on your results, yielding to temptation today may reduce your ability to resist cravings morning.

Therefore, people tending to gain weight they are more prone to a greater increase of the same due to the changes that it provokes in the characteristics of their personality, according to the investigators.

"Weight can be such an emotional problem, we think that the weight gain can lead to long-term changes in psychological functioning, "he explains. Angelina Sutin, co-author of the study and researcher at the University.

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