Macrobiotic diet to lose weight

The macrobiotic diet it is an extreme form of vegetarianism combined with ideas derived from philosophy Buddhist Zen which has found great acceptance among believers in natural food and "biological" foods, as well as among many discontents with the established social order and modern food industry.

The doctrine macrobiotic It is based on a set of rules and advice aimed at pursuing a healthy and lasting life. In this diet , it goes through ten stages of restriction until it leads to the exclusive feeding of cereals in the last stadium, according to information from

According to this discipline, foods are classified into two categories: ying (passive foods) and yang (active foods), so there must be a balance between both types to achieve health and physical and mental well-being.

To know more about the characteristics of this diet , we present you a video of Chef-yogi Mariano Garcés , quine in interview with GetQoralHealth explains how this type of feeding is integrated:

If this balance can be achieved through adequate nutrition, then tolerance and spiritual serenity can be enjoyed, reflected in a healthy and thin body. Therefore, in this discipline a dependency and absolute relationship between the state of encouragement and feeding .

However, you should be very well advised by a kitchen specialist macrobiotic because, despite all its benefits, a strict prohibition or restriction of foods rich in proteins Y vitamins , as well as water, is a diet in which there is a certain risk of suffering anemia Y dehydration .

The most important thing in this discipline is that it seeks to positively influence your eating habits, which, by turning to a healthier diet, will really allow you to lose weight. The macrobiotic diet is an option like many others, you decide which is the most optimal for you.

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Video Medicine: Nutrition Advice : Macrobiotic Diet Plan (May 2024).