10 measures vs back pain

The Back pain it is one of the most frequent reasons for consultation; however, it would cease to be so if some preventive measures are taken as correct postures, in accordance with Miguel Ángel Lorenzo , specialist in rehabilitation of Spain .

In general terms, the spine suffers damage when you stay in the same position for a long time, adopt forced postures, make important efforts repeatedly, or have sudden or violent movements.

Thus, GetQoralHealth gives you 10 measures to avoid the Back pain and adopt an appropriate posture, either when walking or when sitting:

  1. When walking, one foot is placed ahead of the other and at a comfortable speed.
  2. When you are standing, recharge one foot on a stool or bench with your back straight.
  3. Do not tilt the trunk when you are standing; bend your knees a little.
  4. Walk with the head and thorax erect, shoulders back and down.
  5. Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes.
  6. Avoid stretches that generate excessive lifting arms.
  7. When remaining seated, it leaves the back straight and aligned, with the weight distributed in both glutes; Leave the soles of the feet on the floor and knees at a right angle.
  8. The back should be firmly against the back of the chair.
  9. Avoid sedentary lifestyle; get up, walk or perform exercises of stretching.
  10. If you have to work in front of a computer, make sure that the desk or table is as close to the chair as possible; Avoid stooping.

The specialists recommend alternating activities and break , to avoid overloading the spine . In addition, plan the movements or gestures you will perform, to avoid pain or tears. And you, do you consider that your position is correct?

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