Psychological therapies for children

Currently in different stages of the development of a child can present different problems both in school, as in their way of relating to their social and family environment. They go from the bullying , depression , hyperactivity among many other problems they need psychological therapy .

In many schools there is psychological assistance that helps determine some of these problems but there is a risk of self-medication and not resort to a specialist.

When the decision is made to resort to a specialist, the commitment established with the therapist is not only for the child but also for the parents, who in many cases stand aside and do not assume the responsibility of working together.

Children reflect the problems at home and the emotional situation that parents are experiencing. If the parents are aggressive, the son arrives at school to get even with the most defenseless as in the case of the bullying .

It is important that teachers are trained to detect these harmful behaviors and at the same time maintain close contact with parents. In this way, greater conflicts are avoided, such as absenteeism or move on from depression to the suicide as has happened in some cases of bullying .

If you have noticed changes in the behavior of your children it is important that you consult a specialist who recommends a psychological therapy to solve the situation. Do not forget that the participation of parents is fundamental in the treatment.

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