Low calorie soups and baguettes

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest obstacles that prevent us from following a diet is to know where to go to eat and is that most restaurants despite preparing things low in calories , the options that they have, most of the time, are very limited; However, now they release a new concept that takes care of your health.

The Soupremes It is a restaurant that is characterized by its low caloric content and great nutritional value. Here you can find soups, creams, salads, sandwiches and low baguettes in carbohydrates .

In an interview with Pablo Alfredo Sánchez , chef of La Soupremes, states: "For example, within our combos that have cream, soups, salads and baguettes, they are on average 600 calories. If you have a stricter diet, we join and give you what you need. "

This new concept of healthy food is born from the concern of offering users healthy and rich foods: "With us, the general public or those who have a more strict diet as the vegans , vegetarians or people who consume only products organic ”.

All the foods that are prepared in this place are free of saturated fats, cholesterol Y conservatives . The purpose is to take care of the health of the diners.

"We have 100% natural and fresh ingredients for the public. If there is something that people like and it is not on the menu, we prepare it. "

If you want to enjoy this concept, you can visit them in the Condesa neighborhood. For more information, call: 5574-2590 / 5574-2591.

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