5 keys to improve your appearance

The phrase is very true: "the first impression is never forgotten", since your appearance highlights features of your personality. Before, women were the most concerned about their image, but recently men pay more attention to it.

To have a good appearance you should feel comfortable and confident with yourself, because it is the image you will project. Therefore, the Institute of Alternative Medicines Iris , gives you these five keys:

1.- Slender figure: To look thinner, use flat-front trousers or striped suits, as well as "V" shirts on the outside of your trousers, as if you were wearing a very casual style. Avoid sweaters with a spring at the waist.

2.- Height: To dress up a bit more in stature, wear straight-cut t-shirts with a "V" neck and narrow-leg trousers. You can even comb with a little volume in your hair. Avoid horizontal stripes on neckties.

3.- Overweight: If you have this problem, avoid wide ties, pants with tweezers. Your appearance will improve with the suits of three buttons, take care that the bag has no opening in the back.

4.- Colors: If you are dark skin choose pink, white, pale blue, red, magenta, green or yellow tones. On the contrary, if you are white skin, use soft and pastel colors such as blue, brown, beige, white, gray and black.

5.- Accessories: Forget about old or dirty shoes, it will detract neatness from your appearance. So every night clean it with the right products. For its part, the tie is one of the essential accessories in a man's wardrobe, but when it is not placed correctly it usually reduces elegance or personality to your attire. So that this does not happen to you, here we show you a practical way to make the knots:

Remember that if you have a high-level job position, you should take care of your appearance even more, that is, to back up your authority, leadership, capacity, knowledge and experience. And you, how do you take care of your appearance?

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