Did you get intoxicated after eating at a restaurant? Check what you have to do ...

You're excited, because today you'll eat at your favorite restaurant. Yes, you will delight your palate with that dish that you like so much. But, bad news, after a couple of hours you start to feel bad ...

Food and beverages can be contaminated at various times during preparation, storage or handling, such as when the meat comes in contact with infectious microorganisms during shipping or if it is stored at the wrong temperature.

It is assumed that professionals in this field, must be very careful, they are playing with the lives of people who consume their preparations.

However, no one is exempt from intoxication and in some cases, may suffer mild discomfort lasting a few days, or even cause the death of diners by poisoning.

We tell you what to do if you get intoxicated in a restaurant :

1. The first thing you should do is go to the doctor when you begin to feel the symptoms and confirm it.

2. Go to the establishment and submit a written complaint sheet, addressed to the managers and establish the background. It also carries the medical diagnosis issued by the doctor and the ticket for your consumption (it is the proof that shows that you ingested the food there).

3. You can also report to the immediate instance of Public Health and demand (in serious damages) that the restaurant be responsible for this case.

Courtesy Delirious Cuisine


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