Learn to educate your dog

The abandonment of domestic animals grows in Mexico because there is no proper dog training. A study conducted by the Federal Consumer Procurator's Office (Profeco) reveals that eight out of ten dogs that are sold end up in street situations. The main cause of this situation are the behavioral problems in the mascots .

The specialists explain that all animals have emotions, they can be sad or happy, it is unfortunate that people abandon them because they behave badly.

The first point to consider in deciding to adopt a pet, is that a commitment of more or less 15 years is being acquired, which will require good quality food, visits to the veterinarian, for controls, vaccines and sterilization , in addition to a project to educate the new member of the family .

Something very beneficial for the dog is to teach him to socialize with others mascots , with children and with adults.
You have to teach them not to bite anything, or things or people, not even playing and to recognize the place where they will have to do their physiological needs.

Dogs are social animals. They have brain mechanisms that make them perfectly identify who their family . They need to be in a nucleus where they want them, where they do not hit them, where they receive food and water, where they spend quality time. Take care of your pet!

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