Enjoy every moment!

"There is a moment for everything." It is a familiar phrase for many, but difficult to apply when living in a demanding society and demanding a Emotional development and faster physical. However, what things should you do or experience when you are still young?

According to a study conducted by the United States Psychological Association in America, the sector of the population with the highest levels of stress it's the young; that have made it a fact of the daily life, establishing from an earlier age an unhealthy lifestyle that in the future can produce the development of diseases.

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Enjoy every moment!

When you are young there is a sea of ​​options about what you should, want or could do, but here we offer you 10 things. Try it and enjoy every moment!

1. Travel. According to the writer Jeff Goins When you are young you should travel; an activity that will leave you experiences that will make you understand in another way what the world is like and how the biggest problem is not so much.

2. Adopt reading as a habit. A study of Emory University discovered that reading a "good" book, perhaps a novel that particularly stimulates us, enhances connectivity inl brain , effect that can last up to five days.

3. Learn to feed. A healthy diet is essential not only to have a good figure but to avoid long-term illnesses. Consult with your doctor and know the foods that you should include in your diet and those that you must discard.

4. Be more sociable. Researchers of the Brigham Young University in the United States They followed 300,000 people for seven years. They concluded that the lack of social relationships is equivalent to smoking more than 15 cigarettes or drinking six glasses of alcoholic beverages per day.

5. Fall in love Knowing love and relationships in the youth define a loving map of a person for the rest of his life. Learning to relate, to worry about the other, to live in company and to live with "butterflies in the stomach" makes life a path of happiness

6. Dare. There is no better time in life to perform impossible things than youth, because at this stage the mind is open and the possibilities to take risks are to be asked for. With responsibility, fulfill that adventure you've always wanted to do: perform an extreme sport, know a place or a person you've always dreamed of and learn something.

7. Learn to love yourself. To recognize oneself with qualities and defects is to learn to be happy with what one has and with what one does not. Value yourself, love yourself and learn to know the best of you.

8. Exercise. Aerobic activity or exercises that need more oxygen like walk, jogging, swimming, dancing, skiing, pedaling, favor the cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure and improve circulation, which reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

9. Recognize what makes us happy. Instead of focusing on sadness or nostalgia, it is better to learn to recognize those habits, people or places that calm you down and make you happy, to go to them in sad times and leave bad thoughts aside.

10. Study . It is an ideal time to develop all your intellect and learn

Life is one and youth is also. Enjoy every moment and do not forget