The most important is…

Due to the presence of the phenomenon "Raymond " , the first category 3 hurricane this year in Mexico, the Ministry of the Interior recommends that the population heed the indications of the National System of Civil Protection and stay informed about its progress through the Pacific littoral.

In this sense, the National Water Commission (Conagua) warning about the hurricane "Raymond " due to the risk of heavy rainfall and the possibility of floods and river overflows in Guerrero, Michoacán, Colima and Jalisco.

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The most important is…

1. You must make sure that your whole family understands your disaster plan, evacuation routes and location of the shelters, in case of not having more relatives. Gather important documents and check your emergency equipment, such as a first aid kit.

2. Remember that you must include pets in your emergency plan. Make sure that the shelter allows pets or predisposes another safe place for them.

3. If you stay at home, make the necessary repairs to roofs, windows and walls to avoid further damage. Try to store as much drinking water as possible, as well as non-perishable food. Disconnect electronic devices and appliances to prevent accidents, as well as gas and other services that are not needed at the time.

4. Stay informed of the indications of Civil protection of the locality, once past the phenomenon, try to leave the house only what is absolutely necessary or to give notice to the authorities in case of disaster, emergency or need for help. Dispose of any amount of accumulated water and try to put on closed shoes to avoid infection.

5. Keep calm and be cautious is necessary after the passage of a hurricane. It is important to ignore rumors or unconfirmed news. Pay attention to the reports of the authorities and allow the specialists to review each of the zones to determine the damages. Together with your family, stay in their homes or shelters until the authorities tell them they are out of danger. In case of requiring psychological attention or more attention, immediately inform the health systems.

Faced with this type of natural phenomena, such as the hurricane "Raymond " , in which we can do nothing more than try to prevent the loss of human life and perhaps serious material damage, it is essential to maintain the best possible communication with the rest of the community and offer help only when the authorities deem it appropriate. .

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