Latex allergy

The allergy latex It is an alteration of the immune system whereby the affected person overreacts to the Contact with the proteins found in the latex of natural rubber.

It is suspected allergy when a person shows up itch , tearing , eye redness, nasal irritation , inflammation local or generalized, asthma , anaphylaxis Y Anaphylactic shock (reaction of the whole organism, with fading, affectation cardiovascular and vital risk), after having contact with objects of latex .

The latex It is a very common substance in our environment. It is estimated that about 40 thousand products of daily use and sanitary contain it.

Among all of them, the most risky are those of rubber soft and elastic (gloves, balloons, condoms ) and those that are most manipulated, since they are the ones that latex they release

Patients with multiple surgeries and medical procedures, such as those suffering from aspina bifida or diseases congenital urovesical , have a higher risk of suffering this allergy .

Also atopic people (with allergic tendency) who suffer other allergies , especially fruits such as kiwi, banana, chestnut and avocado; as well as professional groups that use latex gloves for long periods (toilets, construction, cleaning, food handlers).

A patient who presents the above symptoms, after contact with some object of latex , you must go to allergist and confirm the suspicion by clinic history , skin tests , analysis of blood and controlled provocation tests.

Although there is a vaccine or immunotherapy against latex , the best treatment is the prevention of reactions , avoiding the Contact with products that contain it.

Video Medicine: Latex Allergy ¦ Treatment and Symptoms (September 2022).