Keys to forget bad memories

Live situations unpleasant it causes sadness, anger, anger and even anguish. These and other emotions they are stored in the memory , which sometimes makes it difficult delete a negative experience


A experience negative is moreunpleasant in the memory   that the event itself because they are addedharmful interpretations " , Explain Ana Muñoz , psychologist and author of Autotherapy: a guide to heal emotions.


Keys to forget bad memories

Muñoz adds that the first time remember a bad experience will appear with others memories , with it a new one is created "history "of what happened and each time remember it is possible that the version changes, causing more pain and so on.

Thus, GetQoralHealth list 5 strategies so that a experience unpleasant be the least harmful possible.

1. Do not give it many laps. The author of Autotherapy: a guide to heal emotions suggests avoiding filling mind with negative and catastrophic thoughts; the ideal is to recognize that it was something unpleasant, that painful things happen in life. I mean, it's about being more realistic , tolerant , objective and not exaggerate by wanting to see only the bad.

2. Sleep. In the REM stage in which we dream, the levels of norepinephrine , hormone associated with stress , it descends making the traumatic memories Y painful be processed in a better way and "Soften" its impact .


After sleep the experiences from the previous day they have reduced its emotional charge ; we feel capable of facing them. It is a form of therapy, a balm that eliminates the "sharp edges" of emotional experiences, "he explains. Matthew Walker, neuroscientist at the University of California at Berkeley .

3. Pause before remembering. Ana Muñoz advises that a useful strategy is evade all recollection immediately from what has occured. The ideal is distract the mind in other things until they have passed some hours . It is better for the memory to appear when you feel more relaxed , with a more neutral attitude and with less courage, sadness , guilt, shame or anguish .

4. Drugs. There are some medications that help fight memories painful . Marie-France Marin, study director, University of Montreal , explains that both low and high levels of cortisol affect the processes of memory , since it intervenes in the Recovery Y storage of memories, which influences how past events are remembered.

5. Express your emotions. In the next video , Deya Cano explains why keep this habit how discipline is extremely effective for delete the bad guys memories .

It is very important that when living adverse situations you have someone in whom trust . If you think that negative thoughts will overwhelmed and you can not do it, the ideal is to look for help of Experts . Beware!

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