Victoria Pendleton for the gold medal

Victoria Pendleton , Olympic and world champion cyclist, is one of the hopes of England in this Olympic fair to fight for another gold medal . However, not only for its sporting achievements is one of the big stars of this summer, but also for its beauty.

What does this speed cyclist to stay in shape and be one of the best in the world? In GetQoralHealth we tell you how is your physical preparation, according to the interview by

Pendleton has followed an intensive training since two years ago and a fitness program in the period prior to these games that, according to his own statements, have it in the best shape of his life.

"I arrive at the fitness center At ten o'clock in the morning and until 12:30 I have an exercise session, which starts with a gentle cycle on a fixed bicycle, to then do a routine to strengthen the abdomen muscles and upper core; In addition to weight exercises and bench press to strengthen my legs and lower body.

However, according to the English cyclist, it is essential to devote sufficient time and prior to a routine stretching with the foam roller and other stability devices. Then start with squats and lizards or pull ups.

Feeding is just as important as exercise and rest to recover, so to your diet rich in carbohydrates of vegetable and animal origin, sum protein shakes and drinks rich in electrolytes that allow you to recover lost salts and minerals.

Later, Victoria initiates the strong part of her preparation on the track for three hours with short but intense exercises, sprints with a complete recovery between each one, so she can obtain the maximum starting power.

In this way, Pendleton has done his training during the last months, so he is heading to the Olympics with all the preparation that gives him the chance to win another gold medal for his country.

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