Jobs to lose weight!

Jobs to lose weight? The choice of a job is very important for people, not only for the salary or benefits, but for the lifestyle that it offers, since this may be the main reason that you maintain a slim and fit body.

According to an analysis conducted by the company Glassdor , the jobs that help you lose weight require a special requirement when carrying out activities, which allows you to burn calories and prevent them from accumulating in your body.

If you are interested in changing jobs or doing some additional activity to get extra compensation while you put your body in shape, then check these options.


Jobs to lose weight!


  1. Dog walker. According to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health With this type of work, at least 30 minutes of exercise are performed for five days a week, which covers your basic need for physical training to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Personal trainer. This type of work requires special preparation to acquire professional certification, that is, they have knowledge about anatomy, nutrition, quality of life and motivation, which will help to maintain your own healthy body. In addition, during the classes they can burn more than 350 calories per hour.
  3. Valet parking. The people who are in charge of parking the cars are active most of the day, either walking or running to give a service more quickly. Even a valet parking can burn more than 300 calories, everything depends on your effort.
  4. Moving worker With this job, in addition to burning more than 500 calories, you can develop muscle tone, because you have to carry heavy furniture, as well as down and up stairs.
  5. Gardening. Besides being a creative work is an excellent cardiovascular exercise and strength where you can burn more than 300 calories, because you need to use all the muscles of the body to manipulate from the tools to grow plants and flowers.
  6. Firefighter. A person needs to be in good shape for this profession and pass a physical fitness test, because it is required to endure long work days, as well as carrying victims, climbing stairs and doing more physical activities.
  7. Tour guide. This type of workers have to stand or walk all day, go up and down stairs, and use the stomach and back muscles to support their workday. People who practice this profession burn more than 250 calories per hour.

So if you want to lose weight you only need to change jobs or start a physical activity plan that you combine with your daily activities. Remember that it is essential to maintain a balanced diet and good hydration to have a healthy lifestyle. And you, how many calories do you burn in your work?

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