Health benefits

Can you imagine working only four days a week?Science confirms the benefits of resting on Fridays .

Statistics of Center for a New American Dream show that long hours of work generates stress and reduces the quality of life by sacrificing time for you, for your family and friends.

Not only that, an extended working day increases environmental pollution, lowers the productivity of companies and impacts the economy.


Health benefits

The study confirms that reducing work days benefits your Health . If you dedicate days of 11 hours a day you have 2.5 times more chances of depressed and 60% of developing a disease related to the heart .

The people that work 11 hours a day have 2.5 times more likely to become depressed

Other health problems caused by extensive work hours are muscle pains , problems in joints Y obesity .


Low quality of life

The statistics ofCenter for a New American Dream They showed that 59% of employees say their job does not leave enough time for themselves, while 75% of parents do not have enough time to dedicate it to their children.


Pollution is reduced

The benefits of resting on Fridays are also for the environment , because if the hours and days worked per week are shortened by 10%, the pollution could be reduced 15% and consumed less electric power being out of the office.

In this regard, the psychologist Karen Guerrero affirms that having a long workday is detrimental to the Health .


It is typical to see lack of concentration and memory, increase in anxiety , symptom depressive , muscle pains , disorders dream and headaches, says the specialist.

The proposal to reduce working hours and include Fridays as a rest day, in addition to benefiting the environment, our Health would improve remarkably, as well as our relationships people. Are you one of those who work more than 10 hours a day?

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