Is your friend…

When you talk about sexual pleasure most of the couples They focus their attention on aspects such as the environment, sexual games and erotic postures. However, to achieve orgasm It is necessary to start by knowing ourselves. Do you know everything about you vagina ?

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, the specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, Lourdes Cardona says that our vagina It is unique by genetic variants and in some cases the difference is physical. However, these do not influence the pleasure and that is part of what we are outside and within the sexual field.


Is your friend…

Beyond being afraid to explore and know our vagina, this can be the natural element that helps us understand behaviors and decide the ideal moments for the intimate act. This is what the expert Cardona says, who tells you some curious things about this female area.

1. It gives us guidelines to know when we will be in the best moment to have a loving encounter
Unforgettable, it's just when we can stay pregnant women, especially when we observe transparent mucus, which indicates that we are ovulating. It is also the moment when women see us prettier.

2. If we spend in eating sweets this manifests itself with a flow whitish that itching. So it betrays our habits food.

3. Yes after being with our partner we perceive a strange smell and there is a yellow flow, it is possible that our partner has relationships with someone else. So it will be convenient to do a study.

4. If in the amorous prelude we do not achieve a lubrication Adequate is also telling us that things as a couple are not going well, because apparently the interest or sexual disposition is being lost.

In sexuality, everything is allowed as long as there is respect and trust. Take care of yourself and above all protect yourself in every intimate encounter!

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