Exercise: ally against breast cancer

Much has been heard about the fact that exercise It is very good at preventing diseases, and scientific knowledge revalidates this information as a treatment against breast cancer.

Several studies point to the important effect that exercise may have in the treatment of cancer and the recovery of the patient.

In the case of patients who received treatment for breast cancer and colon cancer , it has been seen that exercise , performed on a regular basis, reduces the recurrence of this disease by 50%.

However, many cancer patients are reluctant to do exercise and, according to a study of Mayo Clinic published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom ManagementVery few treat this topic with their oncologists.

The recommendation that we give to our patient is that they do exercise in a regular way and that that aerobic exercise be accompanied by stretching and muscular endurance routines , because it helps prevent many diseases, but especially breast cancer. The study is part of a series of research examining exercise habits in cancer patients.

The researchers observed that patients who habitually exercised before their diagnosis, are more likely to return to exercise than those patients who did not have that habit.

Many of them consider that daily activities such as gardening are enough to count as physical activity. However, it must be clarified that daily activities tend to require minimal effort, and therefore, do not bring as many health benefits.

The sedentary lifestyle It can contribute to the weakening of the body and to greater vulnerability to problems, including the symptoms of cancer.

Scientific studies have shown that 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day can prevent breast cancer. It does not matter what kind of exercise (walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.) but make it a aerobic exercise at moderate intensity.

The exercise it can improve the mobility of patients, allow them to enjoy their activities and prevent them from isolating themselves in their homes. It can also help them to feel stronger and more secure in their physical aspect, to alleviate fatigue related to the Cancer and to improve the dream .

For this reason, it is very important to spread the message of how important the exercise so that patients consider it relevant to optimize the relief of their symptoms and improve their recovery against breast cancer.

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