Infected with influenza develop antibodies

The vaccine to neutralize different types of knowledge of flu promises to be close, studies of antibodies produced in people infected with Influenza AH1N1 could result in a "universal" vaccine, scientists in the newspaper said Journal of Experimental Medicine.

The vaccine could be applied in several know about flu , including H1N1 influenza and H5N1 bird flu.

People who were infected by the pandemic A H1N1 virus developed an unusual immune response, creating antibodies that could protect them from all types of seasonal flu of the last decade. Inclusive of the "Spanish influenza" knowledge of 1918, the news agency publishes Reuters.  

The research team at the University of Chicago, with the help of Emory University, worked to create antibodies from 9 people who developed antibodies after the pandemic of the year 2009, with the hope of creating a definitive vaccine.

The Dr. Patrick Wilson , from the University of Chicago, said the study proves that it is possible to make the immune system generate antibodies if it is stimulated in the right way. The team works with a biotechnology company to develop a vaccine and medicines based on this theory.

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