I'm a teenager and I'm pregnant

Although socially pregnancy is planned in the stage of adult life and within a family institution such as marriage or life as a couple, the arrival of a baby in adolescence it's not scandal for nature, because your body is already prepared for reproduction.

The real problem arises when the pre-established nucleus during youth is not well grounded, that is, your partner and / or you, are not yet sure of their emotional relationship or in more difficult cases, they do not have a formal relationship.

In Latin America, teenage pregnancies represent between 15 and 20% of the total births in the region, where 70% of them were not planned. Mexico in the year 2000 showed a figure of about 600 thousand adolescents between 15 and 19 years pregnant, according to INEGI data.

The figure is not entirely correct, since it is difficult to collect data on pregnancies that do not reach their end due to abortions, either spontaneous or by volunteers.

Adolescence is a time of transition where we try to find an identity that we can use when we are adults. The changes are not only physical but emotional, which involve changes in behavior, rules and attitudes. All these changes take time of assimilation and maturation.


Good coverage

Mexico is just beginning to recognize the need for public sexual health policies, which have proven successful in other countries. Data from the Information Group on Elected Reproduction, GIRE, say that to achieve good coverage in public services for adolescents, one must have:

1-Low cost 2-Confidentiality and respect to informed consent 3-Absolute disponibility

Do not hesitate to approach your partner and trusted people to communicate your doubts and concerns, if you are pregnant.

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