Hygiene and care in changing diapers

Hygiene and care in the elderly, are basic to make them feel comfortable, healthy and part of our family.

A primary element in this stage of life is the use of diapers, therefore, various health experts give you the following recommendations, so you can use them correctly. Take note!


  1. Before placing diapers, be sure to wash your genitals.
  2. Put it on and put on your diaper.
  3. The change of diapers is preferable to do it between two people, to avoid efforts.
  4. Adjust the diaper so it did not stay loose, but check that it does not squeeze so you feel comfortable.
  5. Change the diaper every four hours.

These are practical, but useful tips that you can apply to give you the attention and quality of life that all seniors require.

Video Medicine: Diaper Hygiene Tips - Newborn Care (March 2024).