Use of makeup in old age

The fact of getting old does not mean that we forget our care in our face and body. Makeup is and will be an indispensable tool in women's lives. The third age is not the exception.

However, many women think that at this stage their appearance does not matter, but they are in error, since their social and professional life continues. Therefore, various cosmetologists give you the following tips to make you look very beautiful.

1.- Choose neutral colors; the light tones are more cheerful and give a feeling of younger skin.

2- Remember that the makeup should be similar to the tone of your skin. Using darker shades accentuates imperfections and wrinkles.

3.-If you want to use shade, choose light colors like beige or light browns.

4.- On the upper part of the eyelid, you can cover with a beige or white.

5.- To delineate, use a creamy pencil, gray or brown, applying a very thin line. Use black mascara, but only one layer.

6.- To make up your mouth, use a light colored lipstick or simply shine.

7.- Use a little blush in a slightly pink tone and remove the excess of it, so you look very natural.

Remember that in all the stages of our life, we must take care of what we use; Looking good is an attitude that is demonstrated by the care you have in your daily life.

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