Recipe to solve problems

When there are conflicts, whether personal, work, partner, etc., there is a tendency to look for guilty parties to disclaim responsibilities. However, this is not the best option for solve problems .

This is very common when you do not have the self-confidence necessary to overcome the fears , empower themselves of the situation and take advantage of opportunities to solve problems and live with peace of mind. To trust yourself and own your life, GetQoralHealth has this recipe for you.


1 cup of value1 responsibility cup2 bunch of determination and tenacity1 trickle of effort3 spoonfuls of confidence1 fist of positive attitude


1. Life is generous and it always gives you a second chance to fix that which generates an upset. Positive attitude and good disposition are basic ingredients to take advantage of it.

2. To overcome a conflict you have to accept the situation no matter how difficult it may seem. Knowing your deepest pains allows you to realize that the solution is in you and not in others, you are the sole owner of your lifetime . When you meet you, you stop blaming others, justifying yourself and complaining to take action.

3. The obstacles and problems are growth opportunities disguised with pain and worry, conquer the fears and own limitations is the greatest victory that can be obtained.

To solve your problems, you just need to be responsible and want to overcome them to achieve your objectives . The second opportunities only come when you are willing to be the owner of your lifetime . Good luck!

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