Enjoy the benefits of pingüica!

Inflammation, sedentary lifestyle, constipation or poor digestive health prevent you from having a flat stomach ; However, there are plants that help you activate your metabolism to achieve the body you so desire.

In the following video of Tips to Lose Weight, Deyanira Cano, editorial director of GetQoralHealth , gives you the recipe for a drink to achieve a flat stomach in a delicious way.


Enjoy the benefits of pingüica!

I agree with you Health Services with Intercultural Quality in Amerindian Peoples Penguin, in addition to reducing inflammation, is used in case of kidney pain; you only need to boil it in water and take it as water for use.

For its part, the Digital Library of Traditional Mexican Medicine of the UNAM It details that it reduces fever and is effective in the treatment of diarrhea, stomach pain, discomfort, cough and inflammation.

In addition, being rich in tannins has the ability to inhibit up to 70% pancreatic lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat into fatty acids.

In this way it prevents the body from accumulating fat, so this measure is widely used in treatments against obesity, says a study conducted in the University of the Southern Highlands .

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