Effects due to forest fires

Before the wave of forest fires lived by the inhabitants of Moscow, the concentration of Polluting substances in that nation it has reached its maximum level.

In this sense the Ecological Center Moseconomonitoring He indicated that the harmful particles in the air increased between four and 10 times more, in relation to days past: "The accumulation of hydrocarbons in the air exceeded the country's regulations seven times".

This increase is reflected in the affectation that runs not only people who are already sick or have some kind of sensitivity, but also, in people who in theory are "healthy", since the main affectations are in the respiratory tract and in the eyes .

Therefore, the Ecologist Center He urges the population to stay in their homes and to wear eight-layer gauze face masks, due to the amount of polluting substances that exist in the environment.

If the necessary measures are not taken, the conjunctivitis and of respiratory insufficiency They could be presented very short term.


Acute poisoning

When a pollution by forest fires they are usually generated respiratory infections and acute poisoning . People should not go near fire zones, because the smoke produces respiratory blockages such as acute respiratory failure.

Several health organizations point out that the ash can affect the eyes with problems like conjunctivitis , while the wind is the main transporter of pollution.

People who due to the nature of their work must approach the area of ​​the disaster (rescuers, journalists, firefighters) take some additional precautions such as the use of eye drops to reduce the effects of ash in the eyes and chinstrap , with the purpose of avoiding to inhale the particles of ash that float in the environment.


Keep alert

1. Before a Forest fire It is required to evacuate people who are near the area of ​​the fire and preventively work on eye infections and respiratory infections that may cause smoke.

2. Keep calm, however difficult it may be and avoid walking where there is a lot smoke .

3. Keep houses with doors and windows closed.

4. A fire of great magnitude, can only be fought by creating safety belts and subtracting oxygen to the flames.

5. At the same time, potable water must be provided to those affected and the sewage systems must be rapidly rehabilitated.

The environmental pollution causes disorders in the respiratory system and the first to suffer the effects of smoke it is the children and the elderly who must be evacuated. The eyes they also require appropriate medications to combat permanent burning.

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