Does your body speak for you?

Do not you say anything, but still get angry with you? It is possible that your body is expressing what your silence hides. However, what are the errors that exist in your body language.

According to a study conducted by the anthropologist and professor of psychology of the University of California, Albert Mehrabian, words only represent 7% of the total impact of a message, the other 93% has to do with non-verbal communication.

Does your body speak for you?

For Alejandra Luna, consultant for Percepción Image Consulting, company specialized in personal image consulting, non-verbal codes or elements are tools that can strengthen our message in all areas of our lives.

Although sometimes we make mistakes that can be difficult the message that our body language sends. Here we tell you some of the actions you should avoid.

1. Restlessness . Touching your hair or eating your nails can reveal an excess of energy, which indicates discomfort or anxiety.

2. Scissors posture. Crossing the legs while standing is generally a female pose. It can be good in social situations, but do not do it at work, since it implies submission, vulnerability and even negativity.

3. Arms crossed. This posture creates a feeling of being closed to another thought or disinterested.

4. Ignore people. While you are with another person, you should not be taking notes on your smartphone, sending text messages or exploring Facebook, they will think you are very unpleasant. Use a pencil and paper when taking notes to avoid a lack of communication.

5. Watch the clock. Averting the other person's gaze to look at the clock can make him look disinterested or arrogant.

6. Tilt the head. Some women may be guilty of sending the wrong signal to male co-workers, tilting their heads to one side while listening to them. They are probably seeing it as a flirtatious movement, even if you only intend to convey agreement.

7. Weak hand grip. A handshake that is not firm will be a sign of lack of authority. One that is too firm could make you look too aggressive.

8. Avoid contact with the eyes. Not looking someone in the eye can be a sign of deception or a lack of respect. Likewise, looking down can give the idea of ​​not being able to be weak. In everyday interactions it can make you look uncomfortable or shy.

Remember that managing your body language correctly can help you maintain better communication with the people around you and love you. Take it into account.

Video Medicine: if you let your body speak. (April 2024).