Thieves of tranquility

All mental diseases , the disorders anxious are those that have a higher prevalence, it is estimated that between 13.6% and 28.8% of the population will suffer some in their life, indicates the National Institute of Psychiatry Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz (INPRF) .

The anxious disorders are various psychopathological pictures, whose main characteristic is the presence of discomfort related to fear , such as uneasiness, despair, fear and excessive concerns, affirms the institution . There are certain habits that raise the levels of anxiety .


Thieves of tranquility

So that you can identify if within your daily life you have any of the habits that raise the anxiety , we present them to you next.

1. Drink coffee. Far from helping you, when you go through complicated situations in your life, the coffee induces the anxiety , because to help you stay alert stimulate your systemnervous . When you have a history of this disorder you should avoid it altogether.

2. Sleep little. The dream It is essential to repair and recharge the energy you spend during the day. Therefore, if you do not sleep enough one of the immediate consequences is anxiety, it indicates Eduard Estivill , sleep doctor member of the American Sleep Disorders Association .

3. Being stressed. Whether it's the work, the couple or the environment, the stress causes 90% of the disorders of anxiety Y depression , reports Alberto López Díaz , head of the area Community Psychiatry of the "Fray Bernardino Álvarez" Psychiatric Hospital of the Ministry of Health .

4. Become the victim. It is common that before such a problem it is easy to think and complain because everything happens to you. But this habit only propitiates that you are effectively a victim of anxiety , because you brain can not produce wellness substances, such as dopamine or serotonin .

To change the negative thoughts , in the next videoArie Schwartzman , wellness specialist, gives you some simple but effective tips.

5. Work without rest. Without a doubt the work it is one of the most worrisome aspects of life, due to obligations or the demand for performance; However, when you work excessively to try to comply, the anxiety It is one of the first emotions that alter the organism.

So that you can get rid of this complicated emotion, besides avoiding the habits that raise the anxiety , you have to resort to techniques like yoga or even the exercise , which produce a sensation of happiness in your body and promote your well-being. Take care!

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