Tone your body with zumba

The classes of zumba They are fun and, above all, they help you tone your body and burn calories . Do not worry if you're not a great dancer, sure to follow the coach's instructions, learn to keep up and improve your body coordination.

With the aim that you give an idea of ​​how the classes of zumba , here we tell you some basic information that you should know:

1.- Get ready for fun : Contrary to what would be done in a session of yoga , in the Zumba classes there is no silence, because music helps you acquire a special rhythm for your exercises and will help you eliminate stress completely.

2.- You do not have to be a professional dancer : It is normal that in your first class you do not know any movement, that is why it is important that you focus on the feeling and the music, so that you let your body flow.

3.- Enjoy the dance : In the Zumba classes all the participants will eliminate the stress and forget about your worries, so forget about the pain and relax. Nobody will watch or criticize you. The following video shows what a session looks like:

4.- Wear comfortable clothes : Both your outfit and your shoes should be comfortable, to avoid blisters or chafing.

5.- Lose weight: Zumba classes burn between 500 and a thousandcalories , everything depends on the effort that is made. The best part is that you will not feel the time you are exercising.

6.- Stretching : After a session of zumba you must perform stretching exercises so that your heart rate returns to normal and relieves muscle pain.

In zumba classes you will strengthen the muscles of the whole body, so it is normal for you to feel a bit of body discomfort after your first session; however, this will disappear with perseverance.

Experts point out that for Zumba classes it is necessary to bring a small towel to dry the sweat, as well as a bottle of water, to hydrate yourself.

An advantage that Zumba has is that it can be done from the comfort of the house, because in the market there are some videos that will guide you to create your own exercise routine.

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Video Medicine: Zumba Workout - Body Toning (May 2024).