We are made to complement each other

Every couple, at some time in their history, live a discussion . Words, cries and crying are some elements of this episode, but what originates it, really there is a real problem that detonates it? The key to these disagreements could lie in our physiological differences.

In accordance with Eduardo Calixto, head and head of the Department of Neurobiology of the division of research in Neurology of the National Institute of Psychiatry "Ramón de la Fuente", the brain of men is designed to be practical, therefore can use words without knowing for sure their meaning, instead the woman has a greater ability to recognize and appreciate each word.

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We are made to complement each other

However, not only the way of using the vocabulary intervenes in the parejera discussions. Discover other differences between mens and women in the video of NeuroGetQoralHealth with the expert Calixto.

A study of Washington University notes that the quality of Relationship it seems to have effects on the health of its members; a harmonious interaction has a protective value and, on the contrary, a conflictive dynamic, with few gratifying exchanges gives rise to discomfort and reduces the attraction we feel towards the other.

In turn, the fights can lead to pathologies: anxiety disorders, depression, addictions. Solving problems effectively will depend on the attitude, the tone used in the discussions and that the solutions are reasonable for both.

Remember that you Health is in your hands do not forget and take care.

Video Medicine: Why Don't We Compete in a Compliment Battle | Teen Vogue (October 2021).