Do you want to touch the sky? Listen to it

If you want to convince your partner to do practically anything, especially in bed, you do not need to act like a randy woman, angry and cold, on the contrary, science tells you what to do.

The study, Impact of Emotion Expressions on Sexual Attraction , reveals several circumstances that make to drive a man crazy for a woman and here we present them to you. Take pencil and paper!

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Do you want to touch the sky? Listen to it

A study by the University of Nevada indicates that when a man feels listened to, he shows greater interest in the woman who does it and will try to compensate him in many ways.


Your mouth: a powerful weapon

The movements that you make with her during the flirting stage and the previous games will provoke thousands of sensations in your partner.


Shows enthusiasm

Men want a couple to make love with and not someone to do them the favor. An enthusiastic woman is very seductive to them.


Out of sorrow!

Although they love to have control, it is extremely exciting to see that their girl can also take initiative.


Be spontaneous

Forget about being perfect, men love the unknown, feel the adrenaline of being discovered having sex or trying new things. The surprise factor causes the dopamine to rise in your brain.


Wear sexy lingerie

The view is where stimulation comes to them. They will be fascinated to see you in a special outfit, seeing their "gift" they are about to unwrap is extremely exciting.

You can make all these recommendations but the one that you should never miss is to have a good attitude, this is key to your well-being and very sexy for him.


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