Love in keywords

A relationship always involves taking care of each other's moments and details so that the love not only grow but be strengthened. Although sometimes it may seem "corny", the language of lovers is essential to achieve the goal.

According to an investigation carried out by Carol Bruess Y Judy Pearson of the Ohio University , the couples happier they tend to use a private language, consisting of tender nicknames, "made-up" terms and romantics .

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Love in keywords

For the study, interviews were couples participants, ranging from newlyweds to several years together, about how they felt with their relationship and they also described the idioms personal they occupy with their husbands.

The results and analysis of the researchers show that most of the members of the study use at least one Nickname ; It also demonstrates the relationship positive between marital satisfaction and the use of idioms in the language they use mutually.

For his part, the psychologist Steven Stosny , author of the book "Living and Loving after Betraya" , says that when the affection is very strong, the use of the proper name between the partner It seems almost inappropriate. And it is usually related to moments of anger or scolding.

Carol Bruess , psychologist, director of family studies at the University of St. Thomas , Minnesota, indicates that the use of a language loving between partner It is a symbolic way of showing that the relationship matters to you enough to develop a way of speaking.

So how can you realize the language of the lovers has a function beyond just being "corny" in front of people, the idea is that by using it both feel part of a single world. You, what love nicknames do you use?

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