Do you know what to wear today?

What do I wear today? Does it sound familiar? Every morning, thousands of women face this question when they observe their closet with frustration. But is it really a problem? It is possible that Dress well have no more complication than learning to combine the colors and garments correctly.

Dress well It has an important meaning in our society, not only because the garments can stylize the figure but also show part of a personality and its habits.

Thus, GetQoralHealth Y Ximena from Icaza , Image Consultant, they present the following video that will help you Dress well in a simple way, easy and without spending a lot of money.

Other tips that you can take into account when choosing the clothes you are going to wear are the following:

Colors according to your skin. It is necessary to analyze what type of complexion you have: brown, white or yellow, from that point on, define which color favors you the most: warm or cold. This is decisive if your goal is to enhance some part of your anatomy; example, the face.

Avoid loose or very fair clothes. The excesses are bad and in the wardrobe too. Always try to wear clothes of your size. Remember, if it is very large it will make you look disheveled and with extra kilos and if it is very tight, besides generating discomfort, it can make you look bad.

Fashion. Analyze well if the trend of the moment or of the season favors you. Do not rush, now you have a wide variety of possibilities that can help you find the most correct one for your body type and personality.

The art of dressing well consists of achieving a balance between what is right according to the occasion, what is felt and the good state of the garments.

You must keep in mind that home body is different and what a person favors may not you. Always try to find clothes that highlight the best of your figure, but above all make you feel comfortable

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