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How to prevent diaper rash? Surely it is the question that most moms ask, however, one of the keys is to keep your baby dry and clean.

To reduce diaper rash, avoid dermatitis and irritation, Huggies launches a device that through an application for your smartphone called TweetPee It alerts you every time your baby does the bath.


You want to know more?

In the next video of the program At the beginning of the day , of CadenaTres , explains how the device works and how it can benefit you to keep your child healthy and happy.

The TweetPee that is placed in the diaper has a sensor that by identifying the increase in humidity in the area sends an alert to the smartphone (text message or via social networks), which will allow you to keep your baby dry and protected.

The diaper company details that it is comfortable and designed for baby's safety, as it is easy to install and remove. However, at the moment it is only available for sale in the United States. And you, would you use this type of products to facilitate the care of your child?

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