Baby cribs and your choice

The birth of baby It is a great event that requires attention and special care. Therefore, it is important to monitor all the aspects that surround the new member of the family.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (PPA), the furniture of the infants They must be welcoming, comfortable and safe, above all, the cradle , which is the place where they will spend their first years of life.

Researchers of the National Children's Hospital and Ohio State University point out that 83% of injuries In infants they are generated in cribs, bassinet or pens. Thus, GetQoralHealth offers you some recommendations to make the right furniture for your children:

  1. It must comply with safety regulations, that is, that they are not old or broken.
  2. The mattress must be firm, comfortable and fully cover the base of the crib. Do not cover them with plastic materials.
  3. Check that the pieces are tight, free of splinters and without cracked paint. In addition, the furniture must be solid.
  4. Avoid those that have bars with a lot of space between them; the separation should be six centimeters maximum.
  5. Probably an old crib does not meet current safety standards, so it avoids its use.
  6. Do not use elaborate decorations that can break and cause an accident.

The right choice will ensure good break and proper development of your little one. Once you have bought the cradle , place it in a safe place, away from the windows shutters and curtains.

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Video Medicine: Crib Safety. How to choose the right crib for your baby? (September 2022).