Do them to look taller

Many times that "uncomfortable belly" that protrudes from the dress or pants is due to bad posture, which we can correct with some exercises to lengthen the body which are very practical and easy to do.

In an exclusive interview GetQoralHealth, Keiji Yoshiki, fitness lifestyle coach, He considers that the best exercises to lengthen the body are stretching, but many times we leave them to warm or cool the body. "

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Do them to look taller

In essence what we should do is stretch every muscle in our body. It is best to do them in the afternoon, before going to bed or, failing that, minutes after getting up.

It is important that each posture maintain it between 10 and 12 seconds; rest 10 seconds and do it again until completing 5 series.


1. Touch the sky

Stand up straight, raise your arms and stretch, as if you wanted to touch the sky, you can even stand on your toes.

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