Do not get ahead!

Three out of 10 Mexican children suffer obesity , which is one of the triggers of other chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes and hypertension , so it is important to prevent it in time, but how is it achieved?

The key is to maintain good habits of feeding before and during pregnancy, as well as in the first years of children's lives.


Do not get ahead!

If you want your child to have a healthy life, you should pay attention to your feeding since he is in your womb, because from that moment on he improves his immune, metabolic and microbiological development.

Another way to achieve this is to give the food according to their age. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the lactation exclusive during the first six months of life.

Otherwise, health problems such as allergies to cow's milk proteins or anemia are generated; This is what happens to 38% of babies who consume cow's milk before they reach one year of age.

Also, almost 50% of children over six months do not consume any fruit and up to 85% no vegetables; while the intake of sweets or sugary drinks affects on average 80% of babies older than one year.


Guide him!

To improve this panorama of current health and eating habits during the first 1000 days of life, Nestlé launches its "Healthy Start, Healthy Life" program.

This project provides advice based on scientific evidence about a feeding healthy for women of reproductive age, who are pregnant or who are mothers.

It also promotes Breastfeeding in the first months of life, and awareness about the prevention of anemia due to low iron levels in children under one year of age. At the same time, it encourages the consumption of vegetables and fruits as essential foods in the daily diet of babies from six months of age.

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