Estrogens could cause lung cancer

Investigations of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) found that the estrogen favor the development of lung cancer in the women . However, they emphasize that these hormones they prevent the spread of otherdiseases .

Experts explain that these require other elements, such as genetic alterations , to cause neoplasia

On the other hand, hormones play an important role in the modulation of the environment where this disease is identified, by favoring the production of chemokines (molecules that modify the place where diseased cells grow), which make the tumor more aggressive.

According to the analyzes, this pathology causes women to have an extra factor that makes treatment and response difficult. However, the way in which female hormones participate in the process is still not fully understood.

What is lung cancer?

The disease is generated by the exaggerated growth of cells malignant in that organ. It is found on the internal walls of bronchi . It is usually caused by smoking, by exposure to gases and pollution atmospheric The treatment consists of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

In this video made by the symptom most common of the disease, which are: cough (sometimes bloody), constant pain in the chest, shortness of breath, wheezing when breathing or hoarseness , inflammation of the neck and face, loss of appetite , lose weight and fatigue .

Experts point out that early detection of the disease can prevent death; Therefore, they recommend paying attention to the symptoms and going to the doctor in case of any complication.

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