Do not fear him!

84% of vegetarians will return to consume, at some point in their lives, a food of animal origin, reveals a study of the Human Research Council (HRC) . Why? Eating meat benefits the health and the figure.


Your caloric intake is little; example, 85 grams only contains 180 calories, and provides 3 necessary nutrients: iron, zinc and vitamin B12 ", says the expert in Shalene McNeil, from the National Association of Cattle Ranchers.


Do not fear him!

Consuming meat has benefits, and Deyanira Cano through ExcélsiorTV offers you some of those that you should not miss. Click on the video!

According to the investigation of the HRC , people who adhere to a vegetarian diet do so in just weeks or days; situation that favors its abandonment, since in the long term 43% feel that it is difficult to maintain this diet.

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