5 tips to fight allergies

The allergies They are present all year round and are the cause of sneezing, stuffy nose, fever and other ailments.

Although most can be controlled with a treatment which involves vaccines, there are very simple tips for Improve your health If you already have any allergy.

According to the Mexican Federation of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (FESORMEX), at this time of year it is common to find people with irritations in eyes, nose and constant sneezing , to avoid it, you can:


  1. Remove from the room objects that accumulate dust such as: carpet, rugs, cloth curtains, and quilts. In addition to avoiding stuffed animals, feathers or wool inside the room and closet.
  2. Avoid humidity in the whole house. The teams of LG air conditioning they have the function Jet Dry, It helps to dehumidify the environment, keeping the room with optimum humidity. Thus you reduce problems of rhinitis, sneezing and allergies.
  3. You can help by filtering the air in your home , the MICRO filter of the equipment LG air conditioning It captures and removes allergens and micro particles like bacteria and dust, producing clean and pure air.
  4. Aspirate the mattress weekly and if possible, sun it every two weeks for two hours and cover it with plastic covers.
  5. Use foam rubber pillows lined in plastic and with cotton cover

All these measures will help you breathe better and also to reduce bad smells of the environment by neutralizing them.

Remember that although allergies are controlled, there is no cure to eliminate this condition. The only treatment, until today, are vaccines and somes habits changes at Lifestyle , which are much simpler and help you to feel better.

Video Medicine: Dr. Oz Compares the Symptoms of a Cold and Allergies (May 2021).