Discover the map of female pleasure

For the first time in history the "pleasure map " at brain female, with the help of the study of orgasms , made by the Rutgers University . With this has been confirmed what many women knew or suspected, the stimulation of clitoris and the vagina It provides different sensations.

For the analysis, the American neurologist Barry Komisaruk used a scanner and a magnetic resonance to analyze the brain of a group of women in full sexual excitement, and it was found that in this organ 30 areas linked to the touch , the memory , the pleasure and the pain .

The following image shows the different levels of pleasure experienced by women when their erogenous points are stimulated; for example, red spots are the parts of the brain that are activated when the clitoris wave vagina , which send information to a different site.

In addition, it was discovered that the stimulation of nipples It is reflected in the sensory cortex and activates the same areas as the genital region. "This would explain why some women can reach the climax when they touch the breast area, "said the researcher.

The expert points out that this map scientifically demonstrates the analgesic power of orgasms; In addition, doctors can treat problems such as lack of sexual desire.