Older adults will work in 2010 Census

As older adults are an active and important part of society, the federal government included them as part of the work for the 2010 Census that will take place from May 31 to June 25, 2010.


Directors of Inapam and INEGI, agreed that older adults have work experience, as their knowledge and skills are important in all areas of work.


In this sense, authorities of Inapam reiterated their commitment to enrich the self-esteem of the elderly, because this type of job offers allow them to increase their productivity, obtain an income and improve their quality of life.


The requirements of this job offer are: be over 60 years old, have a high school or equivalent and not be a pensioner of the ISSSTE. Salaries range between 3 thousand 500 pesos, up to 4 thousand 700 pesos.


Remember that for older adults having a source of income is very important, because it is something that gives meaning to their lives and allows them to have the capacity for decision, freedom and autonomy.

Video Medicine: Age & Aging: Crash Course Sociology #36 (March 2024).