Detoxify your body with natural juices

The fresh juices of fruits and vegetables are an inexhaustible source of health and energy, and at the same time, they are a fabulous depurative Y detoxifying , whose high healing power helps to strengthen the defenses of our body. In addition, they are much cheaper than industrial concentrates and very easy to prepare at home. You only need the ingredients, time and imagination to create your own combinations.

How to drink juices

It is best to take them freshly made. Some doctors advise against drinking too sweet juices, such as orange juice, first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach, because both liver As the pancreas They have to make a huge effort to process the sugar in the fruit.

Ingesting natural juices, between meals, is ideal; Even a good combination of fruits or vegetables can replace a meal. If it is part of your lunch or dinner, it is best to take it 30 minutes before you start eating, because all its vitamins are better absorbed.

The recommendation is to drink them immediately after being prepared, because the vitamins Y minerals they lose their properties when they come in contact with the air.


Strawberry, carrot and orange juice

It is one of the combinations that contains less calories and that leaves you very satisfied. To make it, you only need:

1. Half a kilo of strawberries
2. 3 sweet oranges
3. 2 carrots
4. 1 natural yogurt

Its preparation is very easy; Wash and disinfect all fruits. Mix in the blender and add the yogurt. To enjoy all the nutrients. Enjoy your meal!

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