Decreases symptoms

Various studies, such as the one carried out by the University of Pennsylvania , show that acupuncture can effectively relieve symptom related to the treatment against mom's cancer But how is this possible?

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , Santiago Treviño , medical surgeon graduated from Universidad Anáhuac México Norte , indicates that the acupuncture , used as complementary therapy , helps women cope with the discomforts that arise from the treatment of breast cancer .


The results of using the acupuncture are very favorable, as it is a joint therapy, which helps patients with breast cancer to have a better quality of life while they are going through the processes of chemotherapy and surgeries, "adds Treviño.


Decreases symptoms

The acupuncture , as a joint therapy, presents various ways in which it helps against breast cancer , we present the most important according to Santiago Treviño.

1. Calm the pain. The acupuncture help release factors analgesics in the body and can also relax the muscles , so if there is some kind of attention that increases the pain , calm him down

2. Fight depression. It is natural a state of depression , by the state of duel that the patient is passing, in this case the acupuncture It helps to encourage a higher mood.

3. Eliminates nausea. Many of the medications that are included in the chemotherapy cause the patient to have an upset stomach, sickness and vomit, but the acupuncture touches many corporal points that help not only to diminish them, but to eliminate them.

4. Highest tolerance. A complementary treatment with acupuncture helps the patient have greater tolerance to chemotherapy , and for this you only need to have a session prior to the start of this procedure, says the expert.

5. Strengthens the immune system. Once the chemotherapy , it is advisable to continue with sessions of acupuncture , in this way the patient will help immune system to recover and strengthen again.

Santiago Treviño clarifies that the frequency with which the sessions of acupuncture It depends on the response of the patient to the therapy, usually it is recommended twice a week, but if the complications of time do not allow it, doing it once is enough.

It is important that patients who decide to implement joint therapy with acupuncture , inform your doctor, so that preventive measures are taken if necessary, but this is recommended for practically all women, says Treviño.

In Mexico, the breast cancer it is the fourth cause of mortality by malignant tumors for women 20 years and older, indicate figures from National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) . But detected in time, various treatments help eradicate it and save lives. Beware!

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