Chronic fatigue affects more women

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome It is a condition that is very difficult to diagnose and that is not completely understood. Despite being a physical problem, it also has psychological components. In fact, different people with this syndrome may have different symptoms.

The causes are not really known, but doctors believe that the way in which certain conditions interact with the body and mind can predispose some people to suffer from it. It occurs in all kinds of people; However, women they present a higher index.

It is considered that infections , the problems of immune system and the stress , can predispose and interact so that a person develops the chronic fatigue . It has also been discovered that some people with this syndrome have a type of hypotension , so there may be a relationship.

Since this disease can be difficult to diagnose, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have established two criteria to guide clinicians in diagnosis:

1. Unexplained fatigue that lasts six months or more.
2. Four or more of these symptoms : problems of concentration and memory in the short term, pain throat , lymph nodes inflamed and painful to the touch, pain muscle, joint in the absence of inflammation or redness or head stronger or different from the usual; dream repairman (that is, not feeling rested even after sleeping), and fatigue or exhaustion which lasts more than 24 hours after doing exercise physical.

To learn a little more about this syndrome, in GetQoralHealth We present a video of Dr. Joaquín González, from the Austral Hospital, where he explains about thechronic fatigue :

Once your problem is identified, the specialists will administer a treatment adapted to your needs; In addition, it is recommended to accompany it exercise gradual, some control and reduction technique stress (as yoga ), eat healthy (avoid heavy meals, the alcohol , the caffeine and large amounts of junk food), and consider some alternative therapies like reiki Y acupuncture . All with the proper advice of doctors.

Video Medicine: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Scientific Discoveries and Future Targeted Treatments (December 2022).