Cleft lip and palate detonate malnutrition

The cleft lip and palate are considered birth defects in which the tissues of the mouth or lip are not formed correctly during fetal development, in addition to being the first malformation of the head and neck.

One in every 500 newborns presents this problem, which is caused by factors such as genetics and the consumption of cortisone increase of Vitamin A or poor food during the pregnancy .

In an interview with , the specialist in Maxilar Orthopedics, Araceli Granados Morales, explains that it is a problem that can be prevented from pregnancy with adequate nutrition and the supplements that are recommended, such as folic acid , among other measures.

According to the also member of the Mexican Association of Cleft Lip and Palate and Craniofacial Anomalies A. C ., the malnutrition It is one of the main problems with this disease, due to the lack of information and guidance from parents.

The cleft lip can make it harder for the baby to suck from the nipple, while the cleft palate can cause the breast milk or formula accidentally enter the nasal cavity.

The consequence is that these children come to present different pictures of malnutrition , increasing the risk of suffering gastrointestinal or respiratory infections , and even, it can cause death.

In this sense, the specialist encourages parents of children with this problem, to approach clinics and multidisciplinary institutions to learn not only to give adequate nutrition, but also to receive the necessary medical attention.

The maxillofacial surgeon recommends using the pacifiers and moms that have been designed in a special way for them, in addition to a palatal shutter , which is a prosthetic palate that allows them to eat properly.

These recommendations, as well as proper surgery (s), relevant control of your nutrition , attention to their Language problems and the affection of parents, allow children with Cleft lip and palate have a good quality of life.