Children with adult hearts

Obese children add 30 years to their vascular health and suffer sufferings typical of adults as coronary diseases and arterial hypertension, among others. Even cases of children under 10 years of age who present small signs of fat in the arteries as a preamble to future atherosclerosis are already being studied.

In Mexico, more than 4 million children between 5 and 11 years of age suffer from overweight and obesity . The Ministry of Health notes that the magnitude that has reached the issue, this disease is considered an epidemic. Mexico is not the only country with this serious public health problem. In Spain, the Spanish Heart Federation (FEC) is alerting its citizens of the importance of controlling the diet and lifestyle of the youngest children, since the figures for childhood obesity are beginning to be alarming. The main problem, both in the Mexican minors and in the Spanish, is the poor diet that is translated "in unbalanced diets and unusually caloric. "


  • Beware of junk food and video games

The nutritionist Martha Leticia Martínez Viveros, coordinator of Nutrition Programs in the Integrated Health Programs of IMSS, has pointed out the need to encourage proper nutrition from breakfast and promote the habit of bringing home a nutritious snack prepared at home, so that children avoid the consumption of unhealthy products.

However, the problem of childhood obesity and overweight is not only a consequence of poor nutrition, but also plays an important role sedentary lifestyle . The little or no activity of minors by the use of electronic video devices, eating or having dinner sitting in front of the television or using the Internet for long hours, means that minors do not waste energy compared to traditional games or physical activity.

On the other hand, FEC nutritionists recommend that in the meals of the youngest children, priority be given to vegetables, fruits and vegetables, as well as fish, poultry, dairy products and eggs, leaving red meat in second place. " One last warning: it is not healthy to omit the breakfast because it is one of the most important meals of the day and is directly involved in the regulation of weight.

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