Changes in your mood?

How is your mood at this time? If you do not know exactly if you are stressed, depressed or anxious, the new smartphone app called Xpression It can help you discover it.

British designers Matt Dobson and Barclay Duncan , founders of the company EI Technologies , they detail that the application recognizes the different tones of your voice of a person and places them in five emotional states as calm, happy, sad, angry or anxious (scared).

The tool has an automatic system for sending messages or alerts, that is, the app will list the different moods of a person and send an email with the details at the end of the day.

For a correct operation of Xpression, the smartphone must be somewhere strategic for the app to register the user's voice once every second, when interacting with friends, family, co-workers or pets.

Stephen Cox, researcher at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, He details that the tool does not register words, only acoustic characteristics such as the loudness of the voice, intensity, changes in the tone and rhythm, so that the system accurately detects the emotional state.

According to information published by NewScientist, this app is very useful for patients with anxiety, depression or stress.

By recording an automatic diary of the changes in your mood, the therapist will be able to detect the factors that trigger the illnesses to improve the treatment.

At the moment, the app is not available in download stores because it is still in development. And you, would you be interested to know what your mood is during the day?

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