Cancer defeats Andy Whitfield

Andy Whitfield , protagonist of the series "Spartacus", lost the battle against Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma , a kind of Cancer that is generated in the lymphocytes . After a year and a half of treatment, the actor died at 39, in Sydney, Australia.

According to information from the Australian radio ABC, Vashti, wife of the artist, assured that he was a young and beautiful warrior. For his part, the director of the television program, Steve DeKnight, said he had no words to express the loss.

What is non-Hodgkin's lymphoma?

It's a kind of Cancer that is generated in the lymphocytes , which are part of the immune system of the body. It can be contracted for certain infections Y virus, but the most common cause is the closeness with carcinogens like pesticides and insecticides.

Is disease It occurs regularly in children and young adults. Most focus on thelymph nodes , but specific subtypes can mainly affect organs such as skin , brain , spleen , heart , kidney or others organs .

To detect it you need to perform tomographies , X-rays , magnetic resonance , a lymphoangiography and biopsies of the affected tissue. The symptoms of this serious condition are:

  1. Inflammation in the lymph nodes
  2. Weight reduction
  3. Fever
  4. Chills
  5. Exhausted
  6. Facial inflammation
  7. Excessive night sweat
  8. Cough and chest pain
  9. Respiratory problems

The treatment of this type of cancer consists in chemotherapy , radiotherapy , immunotherapy or a combination of the three. Patients are recommended to eat a diet rich in calories Y proteins , to prevent weightloss and recover the strength bodily.

Did you know about the existence of non-Hodgkin lymphoma?

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