Benefits of water polo

The water polo is a Acuatic sport As a team, it takes place in a pool, where the teams that compete in swimming , try to throw a ball or floating ball within defined goals on both sides of the playing area.

Like all sports, this discipline brings health benefits, as long as it is practiced properly.

In the case of water polo , as practiced in water, their contributions are multiple, including:

1. Improve the cardiopulmonary resistance. 2. Stimulates the blood circulation . 3. It favors the maintenance of a blood pressure stable and decreasing the chances of suffering heart disease . 4. It allows the development of physical and psychic abilities. 5. It stimulates fine motor synchronization, because it demands precision to execute passes or goal shots.

While it is known what to do exercises in the water is always stimulating, practice water polo boosts competition, especially with oneself. Therefore, it helps to strengthen muscles and tone the body, in addition to improving the mobility of the athlete.

It should be noted that before practicing this sport must undergo cardiorespiratory examinations to verify whether the heart Y respiratory tract They are in optimal conditions to take advantage of this discipline.

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