Be the woman of your fantasies

The current rhythm of life makes us leave aside important aspects for our well-being: a sex life Pleasant and a healthy weight. Both, although hard to believe are related, since for many women it is difficult to feel sexy when they have overweight.


It is not the state of health or the bodily constitution the only elements that define our sex life, as much as our self-esteem and attitude do; Well, the sexual satisfaction not only depends on the physical state or a beauty standard, since other factors are involved, such as our previous experiences, the state of mind, cultural and educational beliefs, "he explains. GetQoralHealth, the clinical sexologist Mayra Pérez.

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Be the woman of your fantasies

However, if you are not sure how to "dominate" in the bedroom for your "extra pounds" the expert Mayra gives you the following strategies. Cheer up!

1. Self-knowledge If you know how your body is and how it reacts, it will be easier for you to communicate what your pathways are pleasure.

2. Self-acceptance . If you know and recognize that your body is what it is and that is why it is valuable, you will be able to share it and let it be deeply shared.

3. Consensus The consensus means that those involved in the meeting erotic they agree to carry it out, but they also have the absolute certainty that they will respond to the consequences of decisions taken responsibly.

4. Be able to propose, talk. Take the initiative as well as be able to listen and discuss proposals, letting the other be who also has the opportunity to start an invitation to an erotic encounter with you.

5. Be creative or innovative. It will take you to new experiences, find other options and even find the novelty to experiences that you have lived before.


What you call flaws (scars, moles, spots, wounds, stretch marks, bruises, varicose veins , wrinkles, etc), are part of you, I invite you to relate better with them, just for the fact that they make you the person you are today, "says Pérez.

Remember love can only start from one person: from you. Beware!

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