Drinks that make you recover your figure ...

Excessive consumption of food, either by special events or seasonal parties, may cause an increase in the body weight; a situation that not only generates discomfort, but also physical problems and Emotional

According to a Brazilian study published in the magazine "Nutrition Research", Eating 100 grams of fruits and vegetables each day can help you lose up to 300 grams of grease.


Drinks that make you recover your figure ...

Either for lack of time or for the practical, there are juices that can help you to conserve your figure since they are elaborated with fruits that favor the health of the organism . Here we provide 3 of them.

1. Apple juice. It is an important source of fiber. When consumed with everything and skin, it offers us an action as a coadjutant for burn calories for its ursolic acid content.

2. Lemon juice. This reduces the acids that can lead to digestive diseases. Ann Louise Gittleman, author of "The Day Diet Fast Track One" , states that lemon juice detoxifies the body and can help you lose weight; A recommendation is that you drink it with a little warm water on an empty stomach.

3. Pineapple juice. It serves as diuretic in the elimination of toxins by means of urine. It is beneficial for people with kidney problems, bladder and prostate.

According to the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Biologist, María de los Ángeles Carpinteiro It is better to consume fruits and vegetables naturally, especially because to obtain a glass of fruit juice you use more than the recommended servings.

In addition, by eliminating the fiber of the fruit in the juices, its sugar content It is very high compared to that found in fruit that is ingested naturally. It is necessary to remember that the excess of sugar when ingesting them for long periods damages the health and leads to obesity.

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